​You will need a soft natural bristle brush, a metal tooth comb (greyhound size preferred) .  

Nail trimmer, ear cleaner and ear drying powder, tooth brush cleaning kit.

A quality brand puppy shampoo/creme rinse (we recommend and use Chris Christensen products;

Food and Water bowls; metal is the preferred but china or other is good, not plastic. 

Bottled or filtered water; the kind of water you drink is what the puppy should drink as well.

A high end puppy kibble such as Blue, Eukanuba, Wellness, EVO, etc.​​ freefed 4 times a day in the beginning, then tapering to 3 times a day at about 6 months.

We also recommend supplementation with a good high end probiotic powder and show stopper on top of their meal.​  Some people prefer human grade food and if this is your choice please research the Bones And Raw Food diet on the internet.  We also feed and recommend 

Outside: A complete yard check for poisonous plants, secure perimeter fencing and all gates, ​possible sharp objects or large enough bodies of water that a puppy can fall into a drown.

Inside: An open wire gated crate for safe sleeping and occasional safety zones​​ if need be (a large gathering at your home where puppy will be under foot and safer in the crate for a while).  Crate should always be used as a safe secure place for puppy to sleep; Never for punishment or isolation.  


Soft machine washable bedding to go inside of crate.  Soft machine washable bedding for any room that puppy will frequently be in.

Toys; soft pliable toys for puppy that have no small parts for them to ingest; ​​Ours particularly favor the smaller squeaky stuffed animals and rarely destroy them. 

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